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Neurons to Networks–An Excellent Video

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Twelve years ago it was the book “From Neurons to Neighborhoods” and a wonderful conference in Los Angeles that brought together people who understood the importance of the links between healthy brain development and safe, supportive neighborhoods for families.

Now even more research supports the concept that safe, loving early relationships have phenomenal power over the trajectory of childhood brain development. Such research also serves to underline some of the reasons for the high aggression and poor learning ability (among other symptoms) shown by many of the young children I see in therapy–the powerful effects of early childhood trauma: abuse and neglect (sometimes even before birth–such as exposure to street drugs or alcohol).

There are regrettably few individuals around the world who know how to restructure brain development gone awry, and they can only do so much and only up to a certain point. We need to be able to get it right the first time, and to help people understand why this is so important, and what it will take to make it possible for more babies and their parents.

Anyway, this was meant to be a brief introduction to the video: which the makers are willing to tailor to the needs of individual organizations that wish to use it. Please enjoy it (it lasts under 11 minutes) and feel free to share it wherever it might be useful.

My personal hope is that it will help us to provide what is necessary to give infants and young children a better start in life–with safer, more loving families, more time with the folks who care for them, paid parental leave, and simpler births more supportive of mothers’ and babies’ mutual dance of love.

Reducing Infant Mortality: A free film

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From Debby Takikawa, the Director of “What Babies Want,” comes a new 17-minute film free for downloading, with permissions to burn it to DVD, send the link to anyone, and show it anywhere, with the only requirement being to keep the film intact. For more information, see


For a country that spends so much money on pregnancy and childbirth, our infant mortality rates are appalling. Listen to obstetricians, doulas, neonatologists, midwives, psychologists, pediatricians, and other physicians explain how our health care system is failing babies and mothers and what we can do about it.

Please view the film, then share it with your colleagues and friends, show it in your community, and send it to your legislators. Our babies (and their parents) will thank you!

Here is a link to President Obama’s committee on health care reform. You can send the link to the video directly to the committee–the more of us sending the link, the better chance it will be recognized as an important issue for consideration in the re-visioning of our health care system.

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